Manchester City’s Mario Balotelli in a camo Bentley Continental


Photo via: Splash NewsPhoto via: Eamonn & James Clarke


Manchester City’s Mario Balotelli always seems to be in the headlines. From partying, to pregnancy, quitting smoking and cars Balotelli appears to have the realm of news and gossip covered.

This week ahead of City’s match against Tottenham, Balotelli was seen in a new Bentley. However it seems he was trying to stay incognito in camouflage. His efforts were impractical though. The unusual vinyl wrap only drew more attention to Balotelli and his £160,000 car.

Photo via: Eamonn & James Clarke


Balotelli must have purchased the Bentley Continental GT as a replacement for his Audi R8, which he crashed earlier this year in Manchester.

Even the City staff couldn’t help but check out Balotelli’s camo car while it was parked in the parking lot. If he was going for a disguised look he failed miserably, but Balotelli probably enjoys the press and attention.

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