Arsenal News: Walcott’s Improvement Through Numbers

After the fastest goal of the 2012/13 season, the Gunners now sit in fourth place with 67 points (19-10-7), two behind Chelsea and one ahead of Tottenham Hotspur. They also hold the third best attacking form with 67 goals—especially in the last 15 minutes—this season in the Premier League along with Liverpool.

Arsenal forward Theo Walcott (Google Creative Commons)

Arsenal forward Theo Walcott (Google Creative Commons)

Out of all these goals, 13 were contributed by Theo Walcott. The 23-year-old was the driving force behind the speedy goal versus Queens Park Rangers last Saturday. And his manager, Arsène Wenger, has noticed the lighting-fast forward upgrading.

“He (Walcott) is more mature in his finishing. His goal was similar to the one he scored against Manchester United. It’s a short back lift,” Wenger said according to the Telegraph.

He also pointed out the long way Walcott has come through ever since his transfer from Southampton, “He makes good runs and he is calm now in front of goal. When he arrived [from Southampton], in front of goal the ball could go anywhere. Now you see every time he hits the target, he is forcing the keeper into a save.”

“That’s why his numbers are so much better,” he said.

A look at the figures shows that Walcott has improved a bit every year.

20. This is his up-to-date number of goals this season so far. Out of the 20, a total of 13 were scored in the Premier League, making it his best season yet. Last year he found the back of the net 13 times.

200. Walcott’s gradually played more games each year. In the 2009/10 season he appeared 30 times for the Gunners. Then in 2010/11 it jumped to 38. And last season he reached a sum of 46 matches.

64. His shot accuracy percentage has gone up as Wenger mentioned.

33. Walcott’s total chances created have also being another noticeable improvement.

The Gunners have not faced defeat since the second leg of their Round  of 16 Champions League match versus Bayern Munich in middle of March. And if it’s left to Walcott the winning streak will continue against the last two match ups against Wigan Athletic at home and Newcastle United away.

If Arsenal do achieve positive results in both matches, Walcott is going to enjoy as many or more games next year as a chance to keep up with his rapidly growing talent.

Do you see Walcott scoring more goals as well as playing appearing more times for the Gunners in 2013/14? Leave your thoughts and comments in the section below.

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