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Borussia Dortmund Fans Pull Ultimate Prank and Turn Allianz Arena into Signal Iduna Park


Prank: (noun) - a mischevious act or practical joke

The above definition doesn’t even begin to describe what Borussia Dortmund fans did to one of their biggest rivals last week. Bold, brave, and bright-eyed, several Dortmund fans apparently broke into Bayern Munich’s stadium, vandalized a box with their beloved club’s logo, then executed the unthinkable. While shining red in the Munich night, the stadium suddenly switched to a fluorescent yellow -a color synonymous with Borussia Dortmund.

The Allianz Arena shines Dortmund yellow.

The best part? They filmed it. The video shows several Dortmund fans enter Bayern’s state-of-the-art stadium then spray paint their club badge on a decal before posing with the pictures. The stadium can then be seen shifting from Bayern Munich red to Borussia Dortmund yellow from a distant camera.

Munich fans must surely be devising the ultimate payback prank. Would this even be possible in England? Imagine the Emirates glowing Tottenham blue or the Etihad shining bright red. Trouble would certainly ensue.

Be sure to check the video out below…

[youtube UD4dSLu1iYQ]

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