“This Is Not Football But Racism” - Al Thani Speaks Out


Málaga’s president, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasser Al-Thani, has used Twitter to express his grievances with UEFA after his side went crashing out of the Champions League at the hands of Borussia Dortmund. Despite holding onto a 2-1 lead up to the 91st minute of the match, Málaga conceded twice in the final minutes and ended up losing 3-2.

Al Thanhi immediately took to Twitter after the match and let his followers and the world know that he was under the assumption the game wasn’t played in a fair manner.

Dortmund scored the winner through Felipe Santana who appeared to be in an offside position, which caused all sorts of controversy after the match. Though Al Thanhi had all the right in the world to get upset at the call, his team were awarded a goal that also was in an offside position.

Malaga have already been banned from competing in next year’s Champions League because of financial issues surrounding FIFA’s Financial Fair Play rules.

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