Newcastle United’s Danny Simpson dating X Factor judge Tulsia Contostavlos



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X Factor judge and singer Tulisa Contostavlos seems to have found a new man. Tulsia is rumored to be dating Newcastle United defender Danny Simpson.

The Mirror reported that the Tulsia and Danny were on their first date together in Manchester on Tuesday night. They were spotted together at a Manchester hotel. But before being caught by cameras at the hotel the two were allegedly out having drinks and a romantic dinner for two.

The 24-year-old singer and 25-year-old footballer met through a mutual friend.

A source for the Mirror stated that:

Tulisa and Danny turned up about 6pm, she stayed about 45 minutes and then went out, and Danny left at about 8pm to head to Gaucho ­restaurant where they met up again for dinner together.

After their first date they began following one another on Twitter. The former Manchester United player even began tweeting his support for Tulsia on the X Factor.

Supposedly the duo has already planned another date. Both have had complicated relationships in the past and apparently are not in any hurry to get in a serious relationship…but who knows after a second date.

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