Liverpool: What Luis Suarez ‘Garra Charrua’ banner means


Luis Suarez of Liverpool Garra Charrua banner (

Luis Suarez has become an icon of the Liverpool faithful since his arrival from Ajax several seasons ago.

He has been hammered by controversy season after season and match after match, but one thing is for certain. That is that he will never give up his fight to be the best he can be.

During the Merseyside Derby today Suarez and his family watched the match from the stands while he continues to serve out his 10-match suspension. The length of his suspension has been considered harsh by many, but he has once again just grinned and taken the ruling and gotten on with his career.

A banner with the likeness of Suarez was hung during the match with the words, “Garra Charrua,” emblazoned above the players celebratory silhouette. But, what does that saying mean?

Garra Charrua is a Uruguayan expression used to signify perseverance and displays of bravery in the face of overwhelming odds as well as meaning to be resourceful, daring, and to never give up.

Suarez is certain to have gained the right to be seen with such a bold statement associated with him, and he is certain to continue to only rise in popularity with the red side of Merseyside.

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  1. AGI PHILIP says:

    Lius if ur mind is nt with us any more jst go,All we Τ̣̣ђƺ kops know is we’ll always missed u nd ur wonder goal scoring experience,bt if u’re still with us in spirit pls stop all dis non sense nd concentrate,u’re a supper star dat is full of skills pls man ll love u.See u give away ur chance of golden butt to RBV is very painful to we all Τ̣̣ђƺ kops pls man calm ur self down nd show Τ̣̣ђƺ talent of football in u pls…….

  2. Andre B says:


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