Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger Comments on Champions League Final

The football world will have all eyes on Wembley this weekend as Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund prepare to battle for the Champions League title. Both Dortmund and Munich have enjoyed long successful seasons to date, but none of that will matter when the German rivals take the pitch tomorrow evening.

Arsene Wenger, Arsenal’s manager, has already predicted a winner, and he’s gone with the side that his team faced in the knockout stages of this year’s competition.

“If you ask me who will be the logical favorite, I would say Bayern because they have the experience of dealing with finals recently,” Wenger said to

Arsenal and Wenger will know all about both sides, as Arsenal have played Dortmund, Bayern, and even Schalke over the past two Champions League seasons. Though Arsenal have failed to come close to the Final in recent years, they’ve shown how even and difficult of a competition the Champions League is, recording two draws, two losses, and two wins against German competition over the past two years. Their latest win, a 2-0 victory against Bayern Munich in Germany was the German side’s last loss in the Champions League.

“They have more maturity because they are older on average age and they also have a psychological advantage over Dortmund because let’s not forget they are 22 points ahead in the [Bundesliga] - that is massive.

“So the logical favourite is Bayern Munich, but that does not mean they will win it.”

Bayern do have the experience on their side that will prove invaluable in the final. The Bavarian side made it all the way to the final in their own city last season before Chelsea memorably defeated them in penalties. A look at Borussia Dortmund’s Champions League run last season sees the other German side getting eliminated in the group stage, finishing fourth in a group that featured Arsenal, Marseille, and Olympiacos.

Who do you think will win tomorrow?

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  1. dike says:

    Dortmond 2 bayarn 1

  2. Azeez taofeek abolanle says:

    Dortmund is the winner with 3-1

  3. Dortmond 0 bayarn 2, is the winner with bayarn.

  4. cyrilnsenjum says:

    Dortmund r d underdog bt surely there will b victorious. 2-1, dortmund.

  5. Moses says:

    BVB 1 Bayer 3

  6. Nelson says:

    Bayern 2 BVB 0

  7. larrykay says:

    Dortmond 1 vs 0 Bayern

  8. esso says:

    BVB is my team, my favourite, in good and in bad times.
    I wish Dortmund will make it. Goetze is injured and all advantages are on Bayern, but the Ball is round and we have nothing to loose.
    God be on our side this time. OLEEEEEEEE Dortmund.

  9. b 4 m 2 says:

    Let me tells u guyz that baryan know how to play the ball when it reach final it will be a problem to them.

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