USMNT vs. Mexico: Superb defense, missing offense


USMNT-LogoThe United States Men’s National Team did not score a single goal for 90 minutes but were very happy with how they played and their coach Jurgen Klinsmann had nothing but praise for them. The USMNT are not the best national team in the world (in fact, they rank 33rd and dropped one spot) so the excitement for the tie against No. 15 from Mexico is understandable but certainly, and hopefully, the best they can show on a World Cup level.

After the game it looked like the main reason for the excitement over the one point which the team because it was the first one they got in a qualifying away match against Mexico since 1997. Other than that, there was not much to be excited about. In a nutshell, the strategy was to play 11 guys in your own half of the pitch and have them defend. Klinsmann said his team was organized and gave an “unbelievable team effort” against a team who gave everything they got and pressured his player until the end.

The result is admirable for the defense, in particular Matt Besler and Omar Gonzalez, who did a great job of keeping their team afloat but a team needs an attacking line of some sort when it’s on a competition like the World Cup. The USMNT barely made it to the Hexagonal. Their hopes are still very much alive but the games are not over yet and next time they may not be so lucky. The goalkeeper Brad Guzan, who was stepping in for Tim Howard (out because of an injury) shouldn’t feel pressure anymore replacing the legendary keeper. The match was Guzan’s second clean sheet in two matches.

Assuming that the team plays just well enough to qualify and then they’ll work on the offense makes sense but it’s unprofessional, and therefore, unlikely. There is no denying that the team works hard and that they are on the right track. It’s honorable that Klinsmann doesn’t automatically exclude anybody and often changes his lineup depending on who the team is playing, where, and what they show during practice.

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  1. WWhite says:

    … “they best they can show” ? and ” On a nutshell” ? I assume you mean “the best” and ” In a nutshell”… Also, 11 guys in your own half of the field… Not sure you watched the entire match…

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