The Verbal War in Spain: A Look at Jose Mourinho’s Recent Comments


Jose Mourinho hasn’t done anything recently to suggest that he’ll be staying in Madrid for much longer. His comments right after Real Madrid’s exit to Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League were cut short but left many imagining that the Portuguese tactician should be on his way soon. He’s started verbally sparring with rivals recently and has now taken to speaking out against his own players. Iker Casillas, Diego Lopez and the goalkeeping situation has been a hot topic since January, and Pepe decided enough was enough after Mourinho’s most recent comments. Below, we provide a graphic to help better describe what Mourinho has been up to in Spain.

What do you think of the way Mourinho is using his power in the press at the moment? He’s never been one to bite his tongue but speaking of Pepe and Casillas the way he has done recently is even new ground for him. Do you think he is out of order? Will this help force him out the door and back to London and Chelsea?

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  1. He wants 2 go out of Madrid.Let him come home(Chelsea),we are waitin 4 him.

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