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The Lowry Lowdown: Best XI Soccer Players on Twitter


Everyone loves Twitter and their social media links to the world, but there are times when people need new people to follow. With that in mind here is a list of my favorites for all of you to additionally enjoy.

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Cristiano Ronaldo (@Cristiano): As one of the most followed celebrities on Twitter, Cristiano Ronaldo had to make the list. He typically tweets about games and his activities off the pitch but I think his 13.7 million followers are just waiting for him to mention how much he despises his nemesis, Lionel Messi. I know I am.

Clint Dempsey (@clint_dempsey): Clint keeps it real, interacting with fans, hassling teammates and talking about his avid love of fishing. I would suggest a follow if you want to see a candid glimpse into the world of Clint.

Hope Solo (@hopesolo): If you are looking for shock value look no further than Hope Solo. The, at times, arrogant and outspoken US women’s national team goal keeper has continually been embroiled in controversy. Her frank opinions of commentators like Brandi Chastain and coaching decisions make her an entertaining follow.

Jozy Altidore (@JozyAltidore): Jozy is lighting up the Dutch league scoring goals and recently gave us the inside scoop on Twitter that he wasn’t part of Jürgen Klinsmann’s plans for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers. I suggest we all stay tuned for more inside updates.

Nick Rimando (@NickRimando): The Real Salt Lake goalkeeper is worth the follow. He typically tweets sarcastic comments to teammates and jokes about soccer, life and anything else he can make fun of.

Joey Barton (@Joey7Barton): Joey is, at times, vulgar and obscene but his interactions with other celebrities, commentators and players are worthy of a follow. He frequently and humorously lashes out on Twitter at reporters and critics regarding EPL teams and on-the-field incidents.

Alex Morgan (@alexmorgan13): Alex is on the fast track to superstardom and her tweets are a great behind-the-scenes view of her road to prominence. She typically tweets pictures of herself at events and with sponsors and, trust me, the pictures aren’t hard to look at.

Michael Owen (@themichaelowen): Michael Owen typically comments on soccer and the English Premiership. He hardly disappoints with his perspectives on refereeing, rivalries and results, often earning him tabloid press (which he calls tomorrow’s “fish and chip paper.”) This past week he argued about drawing a penalty and its effect on the game and referee’s decisions. The besieged forward argues on his own behalf, like he is on the witness stand, standing trial for murder.

Dax McCarty/Heath Pearce (@DaxMcCarty11 & @HeathGPearce): These two often exchange funny tweets and comment about living in NY/NJ and playing for the Red Bulls. The comedy that ensues is stache-tacular.

Wayne Rooney (@WayneRooney): Rooney is a great follow for his insights on the English Premiership and his thoughts on Manchester United. I want a better glimpse into the world of this superstar and his comments are not only intuitive but unpretentious. Rooney’s tweets feel like a breath of fresh air in the often egotistical world of superstar athletes.

Wesley Sneijder (@sneijder101010): Wesley Sneijder has played for some of the top clubs in Europe. He typically tweets about Inter Milan, family and his wife. You’ll start following him for soccer updates but, like me, end up staying around for the pictures of his wife @YolantheCabau.

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  1. Brandon Boyer Brandon says:

    Ashley Cole (@TheRealAC3) was really talkative up until a few week ago, for certain reasons. He was really good to follow because he chatted it up with his fans, but I don't know how much he'll be on any more.

    Besides him, Vincent Kompany (@VincentKompany) is really good to follow. Talks a lot about the results to the games that he plays for Man City and Belgium, as well as a few other things here and there.

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