Nike Releases Special Edition World Cup ’98 Inspired Ronaldo Boots


During World Cup 1998 in France, Cristiano Ronaldo was just 13 years old. Nobody knew who he was and his future was still very much in the air. The word “Ronaldo” didn’t refer to a speedy winger with styled hair and GQ looks. In fact, the word “Ronaldo” didn’t even refer to a Portuguese player. Instead, as many know, the word “Ronaldo” referred to a certain Brazilian. That Brazilian was known for his ability. He was known for his speed. He was known for his power. He was known for his tricks, his composure in front of goal, his ability to swim past defenders. In fact, during his time in Italy, he was simply known as “Il Fenomeno” or The Phenomenon.

Nike, his sponsor throughout his career, teamed up with him prior to the World Cup and designed a special edition Mercurial to be worn by him and him alone throughout the competition. Though they eventually ended up losing to France in the final, Ronaldo scored four goals for Brazil in the tournament. The shoes became memorable, and despite Il Fenomeno taking part in his second World Cup (he was just a teenager and on the bench when Brazil lifted the Cup at USA ’94), the Brazilian became a household name around the world.

His career was highlighted with appearances at Real Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan, Inter Milan, PSV, Cruzeiro, and Corinthians. He featured 98 times competitively for Brazil and scored an incredible 62 goals. Fifteen years on from the debut of his special edition Mercurials at France ’98, Nike has decided to release a very limited edition version commemorating the shoes and the man that inspired them. Built with 1998 in mind, the new boots have undergone a technological makeover that makes them as competitive as they are attractive.

1,998 pairs of the Mercurial IX Special Edition will be available from May 8 at select retailers around the world, including

Nike is running their campaign around the boots right now and have summed up the special item in one line: “Ultralight, so your legs can be as fast as your imagination.”

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