Liverpool’s Martin Skrtel to help tattoo dedicated fans to raise money for the 96 families of the Hillsborough Tragedy


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The Liverpool Echo stated that ninety-six fans have pledged to receive tattoos on December 16, 2012. The fans are joining together on this day to raise money for the families of the Hillsborough Tragedy.

Tattooist Will Holmes of Royal Ink in Anfield organized the fundraiser and posted his idea on Facebook.  And dozens of highly dedicated fans responded with opened arms. Breck Road tattoo studio is hosting the event; all the fans will be getting ‘inked’ on the same day.

It is reported that one lucky fan (or the bravest) has volunteered to let Martin Skrtel tattoo him. The Liverpool centre back will be trying his hand at the art of tattooing on 28-year-old Barry Nicholls.

Barry commented on his tattoo, as well as the event:

I’ll be getting the Eternal Flame tattooed on my back. It will take two days and Martin Skrtel will be doing part of it.

My tattoo is very big, so it will start getting done on December 14.

Everyone else will be there on December 16. We’re also hoping to hold a raffle on the day and are asking for prizes and items we can include.

Martin will be donating the shirt he will wear at Liverpool’s game against Aston Villa on December 15 and some local businesses have already offered prizes.

Anyone who wants to get involved can put their names down for the reserve list or pop in to the tattoo studio to donate.

Barry also works for Liverpool FC therefore; the club is a BIG part of his life.

Even if you are not in Liverpool there are many ways to donate and help the families of the 96 lost at Hillsborough in 1989 (some more permanent than others).

On December 17, 2012 The Justice Collective, is formally releasing a single to raise money for those families affected.

The 96 families are receiving help in various forms and I am sure there are plenty of others willing and wanting to help in any way possible.

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