Chelsea News: Blue’s Ascension to Top of Premier League Proves Benitez’s Worth


After their 2-0 win over Swansea City this weekend, Chelsea has climbed to third in the Premier League, surpassing Arsenal and extending their lead over Tottenham.  It is unbelievable that Chelsea has been able to overcome their rough schedule to be in a position to qualify for the Champions League.  While the team has stepped up their play in the last few months, much credit is owed to Chelsea manager Rafael Benitez.

Many, including myself, wondered if Chelsea could play at a high level with their heavy involvement in other European competitions.  Being a club that expects to make the Champions League every season, Benitez insisted on competing at the highest level in both the FA Cup and the Europa League; and this was absolutely the right move.

They lost in the FA Cup to Manchester City two weeks ago, but remain in the Europa League semi-finals against FC Basel on Thursday.  With a win at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea will advance to the Europa League finals against either Fenerbahce or Benfica.  There is no manager in the Premier League that deserves this more than Benitez.

After Benitez called out the fans despite a 2-0 FA Cup win over Middlesbrough in February, many speculated that Benitez was on his way out, but after the last two months he has proven that there is no better man for the job.

Benitez has done a spectacular job of rotating his veterans with some of the players that come off the bench to combat his team’s fatigue through their incredible amount of matches this month.  The Chelsea manager has done this with Frank Lampard by essentially removing him from the Europa League roster to qualify for the Champions League.  Benitez explained Lampards professionalism and apprehension to his plan:

“He would like to play more games, but he understands that the main thing is the team and to qualify for the Champions League. He wants to play, but he understands the team is first.”

Benitez’s plan has worked in Chelsea’s favor as they are currently qualified for the Champions League and either a win or a tie against FC Basel would propel them to the Europa League finals.  If it weren’t for Benitez and his interesting managing tactics, Chelsea would be in a much worse position.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This piece is shit… We could have secured champions league place by now but him… Lost to Southhampton, losing 2 goals adv against fulham, reading, southhampton, lost to QPR.. Cheap teams.. You don’t know what you wrote…

  2. chukky says:

    He is rite moron

  3. ioio says:

    yes, what is all this?

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