SWOL Hangouts: Brad Guzan of Aston Villa


I had the opportunity to sit down with - well, connect with - my buddy Brad Guzan from Aston Villa yesterday in our first SWOL Player Hangout. We sat down with the goal to have Brad connect with some of his fans after he tweeted out that he’d be answering some questions several days ago. Apart from me saying the word “obviously” far too many times, the chat was fantastic and Brad was able to share some great insight into the world of a professional footballer living his dream in England.

Having played with Brad at various camps and in several youth National Teams, I know just how hard he’s worked to get to where he is today. His humility and work ethic will get him far in the game, and I look forward to seeing him defend our country’s goal in the years to come.

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  1. Robert D. Heaney Robert Heaney says:

    Brad is an awesome keeper, although I'd much rather see him in Arsenal colors! Great interview!

  2. Seun says:

    He is no doubt a good goal keeper. He somehow knows how to pull off some magical saves.

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