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Liverpool Striker Watch: Who can we expect to see in Red come January?

It is still well over a month until the transfer window opens again, but it’s difficult to imagine any club awaiting the New Year with more anticipation than Liverpool. At a time of new beginnings and resolutions, hopefully Liverpool’s management will make a few, especially seeing how the last transfer window was handled. With a lack [...]

Liverpool Comment: The Enigma of Jose Enrique as a Full-Back or Winger?

Ever since Jose Enrique was brought by former manager Kenny Dalglish at the start of last season, he was always a shoo-in for the side, being one of the first names on the team sheet. His talent, work-rate, and the threat that he provided from a full-back role served to drive the Reds forward in [...]

Liverpool’s Changing Midfield: How to employ Gerrard and Sahin

Physicality is but a vehicle, a means of getting somewhere faster or slower than others, pending fitness. It’s the heart that drives everything forward. A midfield does that job for a team. Steven Gerrard is that force for Liverpool. Dominating the battle in the middle of the park has always been key to winning football [...]

Walking Alone: The Absence Of Anfield’s Atmosphere

Walking Alone: The Absence Of Anfield’s Atmosphere

It’s not like the old days. From roar to whimper, joy to tension and courage to cynicism; Anfield and its faithful have evolved, regressed and disappointed when it comes to producing their heralded atmosphere in recent years. Where once it pushed Liverpool teams over the line, sucking the ball into the net as it swayed [...]

Player Spotlight: Increase your Knowledge on Liverpool’s Andre Wisdom

Emerging from a proverbial nadir, Liverpool FC has striven to eradicate the mediocrity within the squad this season and bring in fresh new faces that actually deserve to play for the famous Red shirt. Manager Brendan Rodgers’ no-nonsense approach has certainly been a plus point this season, with the former Swansea manager not giving an [...]

Liverpool Player Spotlight on Luis Suarez: You Know What You Are?

There’s never been a player quite like Luis Suarez at Liverpool. Well of course, we’ve had various, talented footballers that have possessed some of his components individually, but the eclectic and ferocious mix the Uruguayan possesses is as unique to him as it is entertaining to us. Quick feet, entrancing skill, superb shooting, tuned aggression [...]

Liverpool FC Comment: Somewhere Down The Barrel the Reds still have Squad Options

Due to the fact that there is no definitive level of performance that guarantees success, there is always a need for more. In sport, very little can be described as adequate in terms of an overall effort. Ability and commitment vary constantly and no matter how one applies themselves in a specific area, there will [...]