Analyzing the Transfer Speculation Surrounding Liverpool Striker Luis Suarez


suarezOn August 7th, 2012, Luis Suarez signed a contract that would triple his wages and keep him in a Liverpool jersey for years to come. However, as Suarez continues his incredible season for the Reds, Champions League speculation has risen with Juventus, Bayern Munich, and Manchester City all having been linked to the Uruguayan.

The Liverpool striker leads the Premier League in goals and has garnered worldwide attention for his recent comments. Suarez believes that,

“If another team comes around with more prospects of competing in international club competition games, which is willing to have me, they are welcome. We would talk to the club. We would see if I want to go, if I don’t want to go.”

This is both a very smart and savvy move by Suarez.  Not only will these words gauge the interest of high-powered clubs around the world, but he could also command a higher wage because of it.  If Liverpool want to keep him, they might have to give him more money than he is already making.

Despite reports, the club is confident that they can keep Suarez for the foreseeable future.  Managing director Ian Ayre said that he has no doubt that Suarez will remain in a red uniform for seasons to come:

“There’s a story about Luis every week. The interview was done in his native language so something may have been a bit lost in translation.”

There are an incredible amount of rumors revolving Suarez and his future every week, but remember the Uruguayan just signed a four year extension that tripled his wage with Liverpool. He is the top scoring player in the English Premier League.

There are no true reasons that Suarez would leave; but in my professional opinion, he should. Suarez has hopes of being the best striker in the league, but a player cannot be the best without playing with the best.  Liverpool cannot qualify for the Champions League and are unlikely to qualify for the Europa League. So, if the striker feel that he needs to play against the best, then his best chance is no longer in a Liverpool jersey.

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  1. fitz07 says:

    “In your ‘professional’ opinion, he should” leave LFC. The word ‘professional’ here is the crux of this bilge, if I wanted advice about my dental needs, I would seek the ‘professional’ opinion of a Dentist. If I need advice about a player or a football club I have supported since 1950, I wouldn’t ask some no-mark blog writing hack from a country that didn’t know of this game 20 years ago.
    The piece is entitled ‘Analysing The Transfer Speculation….” You cannot elevate this speculation by claiming to analyse the vast raft of journo-garbage that crops up every time Louis has an International break. You have simply added to the raft of ill-informed crap out there, you knob-head. If you know so much about LFC, answer this: What was, or is, ‘The Boys Pen’, and where would you find it? Every LFC fan who has been to Anfield could answer this. On matters pertaining to LFC, I would seek their ‘professional’ advice, long before this author’s.

    • M. says:

      Well said.

    • Scott says:

      Yes well put in which way do you justify calling yourself a professional on LFC matters,footballing matters,what players should do for the better of their careers or improvement as a player? Intrested to hear why you feel you are a professional in anything to do on how a football player can improve as a player or their reputatation as a player. The very fact countless amount of lazy journalists like yourself are just copying the same stories just worded in a different way to try make you look like your doing actual journalism isnt proper journalism, i can do this and not trained in anyway as a journalist.

      Everytime there is an international brake lazy journalist see this as a great way to spark rumours based on distorting actual facts and things people say are twisted into something completley different from the real context which they were originly spoken in. If people like yourself would do what your really meant to be doing (researching your sources of information) to see what the actual facts are. like in this case if you had you would find the people who he done the actual interview with didnt even write about anything involving him wanting to leave LFC. If he had been speaking in the context you and many others are trying to spark rumours with, then the very people he gave the interview would you not think they would of picked up on it? They barely mention it the actual points they picked up on is he is very happy and settled in Liverpool and is really grateful to the support he has received from the fans and club through difficult times in his career and life. He only brushed on the part where he mentioned his will to play in the champs league and if he cant with LFC he will concider in the future (nothing about immediate future) have to consider moving on.

      There is nothing wrong with him wanting to play in champs league or if he cant with us wanting to eventually move to a club that can offer this. But he is already plying his trade against 4-5 of the top teams in europe by playing in the EPL, he also plays in tournaments involving the best players in the world for his international team. The very fact there is huge interest in him as a player shows he has already gained the reputatation of one of the best in the world, the risk you then take moving to any other club is huge when you concider he is a guarenteed starter for LFC he is the main man here just now,we play a style that suits him. If you leave this you can find yourself on the subs bench struggling to gain form etc if it doesnt workout straight away these days in football you dont get much time at a new club to make a mark and cement a 1st team place especially playing for big clubs rumoured to want him like bayern,city,juve etc. so can go from being one of the most wanted strikers in the world to one nobody really talks about like a certain mr torres found out.

    • Anonymous says:

      “What was, or is, The Boys Pen’, and where would you find it?” Am very much interested in the answer please enlighten me

  2. Clement says:

    This writer is a total amateur who knows nothing about journalism. This article is crap. Another lazy article by an anti-liverpool journalist. It seems you also wants to get noticed. Well, congratulations cos you just gained some recognition. Better find a better job to do rather than publishing these nonsense..

    • John R. says:

      Its funny that whenever any article surrounding Luis Suarez’s future is published, that Liverpool fans simply berate the journalist and call it ‘bile, bilge, nonsense’ and everything else. This is clearly an opinion that the journalist is presenting to his readers. I’m fairly certain he states that.

      I’m not sure what the author says that is necessarily anti-Liverpool - and even if it doesn’t go with what you believe, how about you present a formidable defense of your opinion rather than just saying “this article is crap” - well..why? One of the world’s best strikers plays for a team that sits in 7th place in the Premier League. He’s been at the club since 2010 and the club have failed to make it to the Champions League each year he’s been around.

      Players get tired of not winning and competing. Liverpool is indeed a massive club, but it’ll take more than your club’s history to change what happens in the future.

  3. George Kakomo says:

    “Analysing the transfer speculation arround Suarez”
    What is your understanding of the word “analysing”?? I would expect analysis to unfold a piece of info and offer some indepth logic but all I see in your submission is a mere replica of the gossip that we have been subjected to in the recent past.
    You may have your freedom of speech but let us also be spared the right to substance.

  4. Brad says:

    Gotta admit I too was expecting a bit more from an article claiming analysis.

    What profession exactly supports your “professional opinion”? Sounds like you just read and regurgitate much like I could do. There is even a comment a few above this one that has more analysis than this article. Come on man give it a little more effort if you want to make this a profession.

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