Yael Like A Girl: A women’s allstar starting XI based on hair


There are many different ways to categorize and rank an all-star lineup. Most would do so based on who they believed were the best in the game based on their position.

However, I felt that a different off the wall approach would be much more interesting and a lot more fun.

Check out this lineup of 11 women, plus one sub coming off the bench that all have cool, trendy, admirable hairdos. Take a look at my all-star first team based on some of the best hair in women’s soccer.

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Megan Rapinoe: This American winger even has a NIKE shirt featuring her “do”!

Lianne Sanderson: She often changes it up, but this English players’ hair styles never disappoint.

Omolyn Davis: You can’t miss this Jamaican international on the field with her unique style that not many women could pull off so well.

Nilla Fischer: This Swedish forward always has an interesting look.

Karina LeBlanc: Karina’s spunk is not limited to her personality and performance in goal. Check out her awesome hair!

Alex Morgan: Clearly versatile with her locks, Alex typically opts for a classic look on the field, but there’s no doubt she has great hair.

Rachel Yankey: This English veteran has been one of the few female players to sport braids.

Lara Dickenmann: This Swiss player playing in France has put a little twist in the long hair look.

Daphne Koster: She definitely is easy to pick out on the field, not only for her solid play on defense.

Lisa Ek: Lisa may take the prize for most unique, combining color and style.

McCall Zerboni: McCall has experimented with different looks. Here’s one of many for you to assess.

Sub- Michelle Akers: Couldn’t leave this legend out of the mix! She was one of the first to break the mold with a different hair-do and make a statement with her renowned curls.

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