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The Lowry Lowdown: MLS WAGS


For those of you who don’t know, WAGS means wives and girlfriends, and you have to be crazy to be one in MLS. Most Major League Soccer players aren’t millionaires. The vast majority of us don’t get paid enough to spoil you like WAGS in Europe, where contracts are guaranteed and wages are much higher. In MLS you can get traded or waived at almost any time; sending you and your family, wife or girlfriend across the country in the blink of an eye. To be an MLS player is crazy enough but to have a family or significant other is like adding a few extra cars onto your crazy train.

Ladies, you have to be damn near an angel to support us. MLS players and pro athletes in general are emotional, stressed and often bring our work and injuries home with us after practice and games. We travel for months during preseason and just about every other weekend during the 9 month season. Various teammates of mine have loathed our crazy schedules when trying to raise children or sustain relationships during our careers. There really is a lot that goes into how a player performs on game day and the work that leads up to his success. All the behind the scenes effort can often be overlooked but as most wives and girlfriends know it’s those behind the scenes people that deserve a lion’s share of the credit.

However, the stories about you ladies are endless. From girls that thought I must be a millionaire pro athlete to those that just wanted tickets to games, I’ve seen it all. My former teammates and I have laughed and winced when sharing stories about dating fiascoes, arrests, cheating, divorces, marriages and engagements. We all know how difficult the life is and how it can take you around the world and back again in the blink of an eye. One former MLS player got traded five times in four years and eventually retired when he ended up back where he started five teams later.

Our lifestyle is so drastically different from most that, at times, it can feel difficult to even find suitable women to date, let alone those that want to continue seeing us. But occasionally we get lucky enough to find a great girl and in all honesty most WAGS in MLS are pretty amazing. Especially when you consider all the uncertainties our careers and lives put you through. Even though our lives can be chaotic and wild, it can be a whole lot of fun, particularly when you have someone great to share that life with. So here is to all the MLS wives and girlfriends out there; it can’t be easy, but hopefully it’s a fun ride.

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