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The Gringo in Bahia – Brazilian Players Beauty Contest


Bahia's Danny Morais (Red) Battles for the Ball

Since Bahia started the second round of the Campeonato Brasileiro, our team has had some very impressive results. After victories over Santos and Sao Paulo, we drew with the then league leaders and team of Ronaldinho, Atletico Mineiro. Next we beat Vasco da Gama by the score of 4-0 and most recently we drew Sport Recife 1-1 in a match away from home.

So far Bahia has the best start to the second round campaign with 11 points from our five matches. In the general classification overall however, we are in 15th place, but at this rate we are on the way up.

However, even in the middle of the season there is always a way for clubs to attempt to make an extra push for fan involvement and increase their potential for exposure.

Danny Morais

Nowadays the sports market in Brazil is highly valued and growing quickly as new revenue streams appear. However, outside the high amounts invested in the teams on the pitch and in the stadiums, there still exists much room for improvement in the area of marketing.

Many young Brazilians admire not only their football players on the pitch but also their lifestyles off the field. The hair, the clothes, the accessories, the musical tastes and even the way of walking are examples of inspiration that fans draw from the players in football and also try to emulate. It is the view of many young fans that by taking on as much influence from players’ lives into their own they can have possibly more opportunity to succeed in life.

Knowing this the media takes advantage of different ways to portray the image of the players and grow not only their own brand but the club brands. I wanted to talk about one such instance that has been introduced and that I have participated in since last year.

Danny Morais kits up ahead of Bahia's clash with Vasco de Gama

Last week the “Trofeu Largo Tudo,” was announced again. It is a competition in which the best looking player in the Brazilian championship is chosen through multiple rounds of voting. The election is made through votes on the internet, where cheerleaders and fans alike choose their favorites. Last year, I also competed in the first round and I was elected the representative of Bahia.

In a heads up for those that want to vote and participate, this year the first phase sees me cast against Marcelo Lomba, the goalkeeper from my club. Those who pass this first stage will go on to compete against players from other teams.

Ever seen anything like that in your country related to football?

If you wish to participate and cast your vote for the most beautiful and handsome Brazilian footballers simply follow the “Vote Now” link that follows. VOTE NOW – TROFEU LARGO TUDO

Until next week – The Gringo in Bahia

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