The Gringo in Bahia: Let me introduce myself


Nice to meet you …

I am Danny Morais, a 27 year-old Brazilian football player, currently playing with Esporte Clube Bahia of the Serie A.  I was born and raised in the southern city of Porto Alegre but now I’m with the largest and most famous club in the Northeast of Brazil. For those fans in the USA, it is like being born in Texas and playing in New York City, very different cultures.  Sport Club Bahia is located in the city of Salvador, one of the most popular destinations for international tourists for its beautiful beaches, unreal Carnival celebration and for being one of the most historic cities in Brazil.

Currently, I am in Sao Paulo with my team getting ready for tomorrow night’s big game against Palmeiras in the eleventh round of our championship, the Brasileirão. We are in desperate need of a victory because we drew our last home game and it will be a very tough fight as Palmeiras is the reigning champion of the Brazilian Cup. The game will also be the debut of our new coach Caio Jr. who just took charge of the team.

In Brazil, one or two days before the games we have what we call a ‘Concentration.’ The Concentration is nothing more than getting the whole group in a hotel, having a proper meal, plenty of rest, several meetings with the technical committee and of course to keep the boys out of trouble before the game.  We usually play twice a week with one midweek game and one weekend game so many of my posts will be made from inside a hotel room, where I am sitting at this very time.

So from now on I’ll be here telling more about my life, Brazilian football and the wonders of my country.

I’m also looking forward to learning more about interacting with the football fans around the world on SWOL.

So until next week…

- The Gringo in Bahia

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  1. Kasey McLean Kasey McLean says:

    Hey Danny – enjoyed reading about your preparation for the match…how many games are left in the season and is their a playoff system or just a league winner at the end?


    • Danny Morais Danny Morais says:

      There are 20 teams with games home and away, or are 38 games in all. Each victory is worth 3 points, draw 1 point and loss 0 points. At the end of the season, the team with the most points is the champion.

      I'll write more about our games, even more so now that my first post resulted in a victory!

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