Stadium Experiences: The Emirates

Not every Arsenal fan will get the chance to visit London and specifically The Emirates Stadium in their lifetime. For those lucky enough to have visited Arsenal’s new home, we salute you. For those of you that may never get the chance to see your favorite team in action at home, we’ve put together a little montage of the Emirates for a start to finish experience.

Many fans (and Londoners) will agree the easiest way to get around the city is by tube. This is generally the case for many Arsenal supporters that live further than walking distance away from the ground. The nearest tube station was once named “Gillespie Road” but was changed simply to “Arsenal” in the 1930′s and faithfully served Highbury for years until the club opened the Emirates in 2006.

The station is unique throughout all of London’s underground system in that it has a ‘tidal’ separation system seen in the above picture that assists people going against the flow of traffic on matchdays.

Upon moving to the Emirates in 2006, Arsenal fans used to taking the tube to matches experienced their first distinct change after exiting the tube. After exiting the station, most fans would would head left then take a right down Avenall Road. Here they could wait for the team coach to pull up in front of the fabled Marble Halls and catch a quick glimpse of their favorite stars. Nowadays, after exiting the station, most Arsenal fans will turn right and make their way to the Emirates.

Formerly known as “The North Bridge”, the newly named “Ken Friar Bridge” connects the Emirates to Drayton Park and allows easy access for Arsenal fans to get themselves over to the stadium. Lined with pictures of historical players, the bridge was named after current director Ken Friar.

After crossing that bridge, Arsenal fans can’t help but notice the towering figure of Tony Adams in his famous celebratory pose. Die hard fans will remember that iconic celebration after Adams got on the end of a Steve Bould pass in a 4-0 victory over Everton at Highbury that clinched the 97-98 Premiership trophy.

Wrapping their away around the stadium, fans will see the club’s efforts to Arsenalize the stadium with massive banners, historical inscriptions, and heros of the past plastered on the stadium’s concrete base. Before heading down to the Armoury to buy whatever any Arsenal fan can dream of, every fan should stop by Thierry Henry’s statue placed just in front of the “Spirit of Highbury”, a mural displaying every first team player that ever graced the pitch at Highbury.

From there, fans will have to be sure to check out the Armoury to purchase shirts, shorts, framed prints, memorabilia, and everything else in between. The store is massive and is always guaranteed to be packed on match days.

Finally, fans can get themselves into the ground and enjoy the match. Every seat in the Emirates provides an incredible vantage point and an opportunity to watch one of the world’s greatest clubs.

Below, you’ll find an amazing video one Arsenal fan made several years back highlighting his journey to the Emirates.

[youtube e8oGGm13qWo]

Video by @RohanBM

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