Paul Pogba May Make Premier League Return with Arsenal

Only a few years removed from his spat with Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United resulting in a move to Juventus, Paul Pogba may return to the Premier League this summer, but this time for Arsenal.  According to IB Times, the Gunners are keen on Pogba’s services to help strengthen their midfield for next seasons Premier League and Champions League competitions.

After being a victim to racial abuse in Italy, Pogba may be best served moving back to the Premier League and to sign with the North Londoners.  The 20-year-old could form a quick understanding with current midfielders of Mikel Arteta and Santi Cazorla and could possibly uphold a “Patrick Vieira” position at the Emirates.

With the lackluster career of Abou Diaby at Arsenal due to numerous injuries and inconsistencies, Pogba would offer additional youth to the side, but also plenty of experience.  He seemingly brings additional defensive stability to a somewhat porous midfield this past season.

Pogba’s arrival at Arsenal could pay dividends moving forward as Arsene Wenger is also rumored to be in search of signing David Villa and Stevan Jovetic both of whom are very potent in the attack.  Thus, a partnership between Cazorla and a deep lying Pogba could allow the Gunners to flourish next season.  Allowing the current Juve man to sit in front of the back four, then providing a menacing counter attack may be just what the Frenchman’s been trying to create all along.

Tallying five goals in 27 Serie A matches this season for Juventus, Wenger has already had two previous bids denied to sign Pogba; however, the third time may be a charm.  After unsuccessful attempts to sign Pogba, Wenger likely will continue to court the midfielder and offer him a safe-haven at the Emirates.  Through racial tensions in Turin, Pogba seems highly unsettled at his current club which could play into a move back to a familiar home, the Premier League.

For such a young age, his command within the midfield is quite impressive and will bring a different dimension to the Gunners attack while also securing up any loose ends on defense.  But the price to secure his signature may come at a larger cost than expected, as Juventus are rumored to want around £15 million – which in the long run may be extremely cheap should he flourish into “the next Patrick Vieira.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think he is a talent to watch,very pacy,agile and can also create for strikers.that would be a superb add into our team

    • Anonymous says:

      he is the only united related player i would like to sign for us (Arsenal). and i can say forget Rooney, i think he is overrated.

  2. It has been Wenger common problem on finalizing the registration of players every year only find other clubs win the chance.
    Imagine Mata and others, I won’t be surprised to lose Pogba and Jovetic as well.
    Arsene Wenger has been always scouting for other team to register for he is waiting dying minutes to get the cheapest.
    Let’s see what wonna be this time.

  3. Roland C Rozario says:

    Paul Pogba will be an asset to Arsenal with his pace and attacking prowess at goal!
    Pretty positive he will, personally, definitely want to show his skills against Fergie and ManUre what they have lost!!!

  4. All the players wanted by wenger are goods quality, but pliz my dear fellow arsenal fans we shdnt forget that wenger has become prime scouts of other teams.

  5. Ehn says:

    I’m sick!Even 20m is not too much for Pogba looking @ his qualities.

  6. Usman Hussaini says:

    Pls wenger try to sign pogba and other professional players in other to win the trophy next coming season.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wow, do you guys honestly think juve would sell pogba. Also, why would he want to leave a european superpower to go to a shitty team like arsenal.

  8. vanwalsh says:

    i think wenger should try the possibility of signing pogba n jovetic so that the team will florish come next season.

  9. Izuchukwu Okosi says:

    Two things are key here: 1)Will Juve be keen to let him go? 2) Do you think Wenger will be willing to pay the asking price on Pogba? In his thoughts, Wenger must be asking if ALL of the boy’s touches of the ball will result to goals?! With all of the said money in his kitty to spend, Wenger may end up spending less than 20 million pounds on AVERAGE players AND make much more selling one or two star players

  10. Anonymous says:

    bullshitwithoutlimits lol
    15 millions for pogba?
    Dont make me laugh.

    • Robert Moore Robert Moore says:

      Thanks, Anonymous. If you look at all reports, all indicate around the same price as I’ve noted and projected. Although he’s still young, the money would be there for the player because of his promise. Check other reports if you do not believe me. Thank you for taking the time to read my article. All the best, Robert.

  11. capony says:

    are you arsenal fans retarded? Why in the world would juve sell pogba? That would be an epic step down as well, pogba also said he is going to stay at juve for a very long time, that racial abuse is exaggerated, it isn’t just him, the entire serie A hates juventus and whenever they go to an away stadium THE WHOLE TEAM is mocked, recently away to bologna the bus got stoned, pogba understands that he is playing for a very hated team and that he may suffer a bit, but at least he is guaranteed trophies.

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