Juventus: Antonio Conte relects on UCL exit and looks to remainder of Serie A compaign

Juventus Crest (Google Creative Commons)

Juventus Crest (Google Creative Commons)

With this statement Juventus manager Antonio Conte said good-bye to the Uefa Champions League.  But he also mentioned that he wants to regroup with his squad and finish strong at the top in Serie A for a second title in a row, according to Yahoo! News.

And Conte also said that he was more intrigued by the fact of how his players would perform against a super power as the German Bayern Munich than their future in the competition.

“When we were paired with Bayern, I said this was an opportunity for us to face an extremely strong side and understand the gap that separated us from the superpowers,” said Conte to Mediaset in a report from Yahoo! Sports “This was our first Champions League in many years, for some of us the first full stop. Bayern have been at this level for five or six years, but we are just dipping our toes in. Now we know there is a long and pretty hard road to go on.”

In addition, Juventus goalkeeper and captain, Gianluigi Buffon, said how overwhelmed he was by their match in Turin after giving all they could.

“We knew they were strong, even if to be honest they were better on the pitch than we expected. I think it’s right to stress this because we have to recognize their great strength. Tonight they impressed me even more than they did in the first leg because we really gave our best at home. They can definitely win the cup. After beating the reigning champions [Chelsea FC], we thought we could compete with any team but Bayern proved they were too strong for us,” according to Uefa.com.

In the last 10 years, Italian teams have only reached the Uefa Europa League semi-final twice with Lazio (2002/03) and Fiorentina (2007/08). And won only once the Uefa Champions League in 2010/09 with Internatizionale.

For Conte the future of Italian clubs could remain uncertain when European silverware becomes the topic, “Today, I see teams like Real Madrid, Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Paris St Germain and Barcelona, clubs who have a lot of money, they can buy all the top players and in Italy the situation is different,” said Conte according to the Sports Illustrated.

“I can’t see an Italian team winning the Champions League in the coming years,” he added. “These European superpowers have budgets of hundreds of millions of euros and they can buy all the top players. Here in Italy, we have to work with what we have got and we need to have the humility to realize that things are not the same as they were in the past.”

“It is very simple, Italian sides have almost 70 percent of their revenue from television rights while German clubs split between TV rights, commercial rights and the stadiums,” said the Juventus manager.

This reinvention and restructure that Conte proposed, is shared by Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis, “We need a revolution in Italian football,” according to Yahoo! News. “We need to turn over the table and adopt rules which are suitable for 2013, not 1900,” said the Azzurri’s president.

In the entire Serie A, Juventus are the only club managing and receiving revenue from their own stadium. All other teams in the league play in municipally-owned stadiums.

Juventus general director, Beppe Marotta, said in a report from Tuttosport according to Football Italia that the club requires more time to capitalize and reach a plateau in which the Bianconeri would come back to the European elite.

“The theory that Juventus fans will, for at least three or four years, have to just be content with winning in Italy is right,” he said.

The club official also said, “Let us not forget that we are at the beginning of a new cycle. If you look at our squad from three years ago, there are just four of the old guard remaining – Gigi Buffon, Giorgio Chiellini, Paolo De Ceglie and Claudio Marchisio.

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