Jose Mourinho’s Treatment of Iker Casillas Staining Reputation

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Iker Casillas (Wikimedia Commons)

Jose Mourinho’s reputation precedes him. Known as one of the best managers in this era, if not all time, Mourinho no doubt has been extremely successful. His relationship with legend Sir Alex Ferguson is well documented, and the Scotsman has not been short of praise for the Portuguese manager. Mourinho is a winner plain and simple. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s well liked by everybody. He is an enigma who is unafraid to speak his mind, whether politically correct or not. His fiery in your face style, is no doubt loathed by plenty of fans and footballers alike. A lot of this hatred, in my opinion, is jealousy based on his success. Recently, Mourinho has fallen out of favor in Madrid and seems likely to move on after this season. One incident in particular seems to be hurting Mourinho’s reputation in the locker room and outside of it. His handling of star goalkeeper Iker Casillas seems childish and unnecessary.

First off, Mourinho is the manager and has full license to drop and start whomever he pleases. That’s the right of the manager. Still, players should be benched for the right reasons. If they have a bad game or there is a disciplinary problem, it’s not uncommon to find even a star player on the bench in the next match. Veterans shouldn’t be exempt from being dropped, if they don’t perform they don’t play.

But, Casillas is one of the best goalkeepers in the world. Mourinho’s benching of Casillas at Malaga, in a crucial Liga BBVA game, was in one word shocking. Casillas had been in his normal stellar form. He was not suspended or fined by the club for any disciplinary problems. Casillas has been Madrid’s first team goalkeeper since 1999. Not to mention the primary goalkeeper on a Spanish national team with a World Cup and two Euro titles. He has more than proven his worth. Not only was he dropped, he was dropped for Antonio Adan who has little to no experience. Mourinho called Adan ‘better’ than Casillas, something that just doesn’t seem to click. It’s clear Casillas’s benching deals with a personal matter and is not a footballing decision, as he was performing well before the benching. Barcelona man Xavi and Madrid defender Pepe have both voiced their disagreement with the treatment of Casillas.

If Jose Mourinho has a personal problem with Iker Casillas, the two need to settle it off the field. In the media, Mourinho has attacked Casillas and the goalkeeper has answered diplomatically to questions about the problem. To have a locker room problem made public and to fuel the fire like Mourinho has done creates locker room problems. It looks like Mourinho was hurting his team at one point by not playing Casillas, because of his own personal grudge.

Now Madrid have Diego Lopez, and he is in fantastic form. It’s hard to argue that he shouldn’t at least keep the starting job through this season. Still, Mourinho finds it necessary to take swipes at Casillas, even though he isn’t a factor in the team right now. A manager of his caliber doesn’t need to stoop this low to prove a point. Mourinho is a fantastic manager and still could handle this situation in a more positive way.

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  1. langson says:

    i agree morinho is jelouesy and childish in some way.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why Ferguson is Successful in England??? He run the team as the Head.

      Not because you’r a STAR, You have to be under leadership to reach & Achived Gold’s (medal / Cup’s).

      Now, if you all make Morinho go…Madrid is my Side, i Love Madrid. but we have to fight to come Third in Spain… no more champion leauge Glory, long time for La lega.


  2. shekue says:

    I don’t support your comment!
    That is just your way of thinking!
    You only point on one side of the coin. You should first analyze deeply what Casillas did, keep on doing against before criticizing Jose!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ha Ha Ha, I know it’s hard to see the bright, the question is, why are we trying to please the star’s and damage the team(club)???

    Why are we Changing coaches so often,and not Achieving the main thing???

    Ferguson didn’t do that, as i said before… he was the HEAD.
    when are we going to have coach on long-term to achied our Gold????


  4. Anonymous says:

    Hala Madrid.

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