Arsenal: Arsene Wenger’s interest in Wayne Rooney increases Manchester United’s dilemma

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney (Wikimedia Commons)

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney (Wikimedia Commons)

Ever since Wayne Rooney’s second transfer request was made public knowledge, he has been linked with the usual suspects. Whether it was Chelsea, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain or Real Madrid, it seemed someone with the biggest kitty since the Goodies were on TV would be signing him up.

However, two other possibilities have merged. One was that he might stay at Old Trafford after all with David Moyes taking over, a far from risible possibility given all the talk of a breakdown in his relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson and the way Rooney kissed and made up with Moyes over comments in his autobiography. However, talk also arose in London that Arsenal may be interested.

The idea seemed curious. Arsenal, one would imagine, could be easily outbid and have been the epitome of the selling club in recent years, with Robin van Persie’s defection to Old Trafford following other big name departures like Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas.

However, Arsene Wenger has now confirmed his interest and on the surface, the notion would be a surefire winner for the Frenchman. To buy Rooney would require the sort of fortunes – and breaking of the wage bill – Arsenal have been unwilling to contemplate in recent years, marking a dramatic reversal of recent transfer policy. As a statement of intent, it could even appeal to Rooney as long as he would not be the only marquee signing. Moreover, it would be hugely symbolic, coming just a year after van Persie’s move in the opposite direction.

Whether such a move would be accepted at Old Trafford is another matter. Manchester United might prefer the player to head overseas. Equally, there is a certain ambiguity about keeping him. Fans are divided between the hope that Rooney could be boosted by a fresh start under Moyes and regain his best form, in which case he could be forgiven. Others will regard two transfer requests as tantamount to treachery and regard him as damaged goods.

Assessments of Rooney the player also vary. To some, he lacks fitness and pace, already physically a pale shadow of his former self. Others would claim his peak years are ahead of him and that, with the right motivation, he could improve his physical condition with a few less cigarettes and a few more hard yards on the training ground.

For Manchester United, there is a dilemma. To see Rooney regaining his best form in an Arsenal shirt – or that of any other rival – would smack of a missed opportunity, and help make that opponent a major threat. Equally, to see him under-performing while winding down his contract ahead of a Bosman move and increasingly alienating the fans is in nobody’s interests. David Moyes has not had long to wait for his first big decision.

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  1. son of agunner says:

    Mr wenger has made it clear on a numerous occasions that he wants Rooney but the question is does rooney want him? What does surprise me is the way rooney has conducted himself by keeping a low profile.

  2. Seun says:

    Good luck to arsenal

  3. moshminov says:

    I don’t think arsene wenger is the right man for arsenal again becausea good coach will not think of not archiving anything over seven years and not thinking of what to do next,I think he should livve the club for a good manager to come!!!

  4. john muhindo says:

    I think sacking wenger is no solution; but wenger to critically change his squad by selling some players like Diaby,chamakha,scquallice, denlison, c. vella, arshavin,sagna,etc and bring in people like GK Ceasar, adefender,& midfielder.

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