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As the SWOL writer responsible for covering the women’s game, I’m constantly searching for things to write about. I’d love to analyze players and games I’ve seen, but to be honest, most times I feel that I don’t have enough information to do so. The only times I get to watch games from around the world are during major tournaments that are televised, or the occasional highlights I can find posted on Twitter or Facebook.

I’ve compiled a list (that is by no means exhaustive) of the ten best ways I’ve found to follow the women’s game. Feel free to comment and add your own suggestions! Thanks to the world of social media, we can easily be well informed just by the click of a mouse. The key is knowing where to look and who to follow!

1. Women’s Soccer United: www.womenssoccerunited.com/, @WomensSoccerUtd This is not just a website, but a Facebook page and awesome twitter account with scores from international competition and league play around the world. The account appears to miss nothing. Often it includes photos and/or video highlights.

2. Soccerway Women: women.soccerway.com This website features scores, standings and rosters for teams in various leagues around the world. Very helpful for an overview of women’s league play and tournaments.

3. Our Game Magazine: www.ourgamemagazine.com/ @OurGameMagazine They started as a digital magazine and have now expanded to a full website with news and blogs, as well as a twitter account.

4. The Equalizer: equalizersoccer.com/ @EqualizerSoccer This site has everything from USWNT to international and college soccer news.

5. Jeff Kassouf: @JeffKassouf This soccer journalist always seems to have the inside scoop on the women’s soccer world, especially in the U.S.

6. Fair Game Magazine: If you live in England, this magazine is available to you with information, news and features on all aspects of the women’s game.

7. Eurosport TV: Again for those in Europe, it is worth checking TV listings. Occasionally, women’s league games, Champions League fixtures and most major tournaments can be seen on one of the Eurosport channels.

8. @Une-Deux.net: www.une-deux.net/ @UneDeuxNet If you speak French, you’re in luck! For everything about women’s soccer in France, here’s your inside scoop.

9. Women’s Football Forum: www.womensfootball.eu/forum/ This forum is a great way to browse the latest news and opinions in the world of women’s football. If you register, you can also participate in the conversations. Though I do not recommended for current players, as some of the comments can be harsh!

10. Follow Players on Twitter: Look up your favorite players from around the world and follow them on Twitter. Many will often post information about games, appearances. Some even have blogs where you can learn more about their life and experiences. Here are a few suggestions to add to your list of followers:
Anita Asante @NicenNeetz
Lori Lindsey @LoriLindsey6
Ali Krieger @AlexBKrieger
Jill Scott @JillScott12
Caroline Seger @CSeger9

If you have a site or page that you would suggest for the latest and greatest women’s soccer news feel free to comment below!
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