Who Has the Hardest Job in Football? Mourinho, Moyes, or Pellegrini?

To deliver a successful season, and avoid any uncertainties Jose Mourinho, David Moyes and Manuel Pellegrini must win a trophy next season. Key stats going into the new Premier League season are as follows: Chelsea have not won the premier league for three years, David Moyes has never won a major trophy and Pellegrini has not won a domestic trophy in 10 years. Manuel Pellegrini last week was handed the hardest job in football as he looks to reclaim the glory in the blue-half of Manchester.

Pellegrini has the funds, available wages, board experience, world-class players, excellent training facilities and youth academy at his leisure. However, the demand to win a trophy and excel in the Champions League comes at high stakes. All of these benefits were in Mancini’s hands a year ago, nevertheless board experience is something which Mancini didn’t have. Signings of fringe players, Jack Rodwell, Javi Garcia, Scott Sinclair and Richard Wright offered no experience or the talent required to have an impact in games. The board of Manchester City will be much wiser and although may spend millions, will spend it wisely. Something which makes Pellegrini’s job more difficult. Not to mention they are joint-favourites to win the league.

David Moyes will lead the most successful team in English football out next year, while only managing one trophy in his career to date. Trouble at Manchester United is a distant aspect as Sir Alex Ferguson left the club in good hands. Moyes has the momentum of new development with winger Wilfried Zaha, the most feared forward Europe in Robin Van Persie and the success of a 13th Premier League title. Ferguson will act as an assistant to Moyes leaving him with guidance of the best tactics, formations and experience of dealing with the best players in the world.

Jose Mourinho described himself as ‘The Happy One’ in his first official press conference last week. Jose expressed he is now at a club where he is loved and the fans will adore him even more if a Premier League title ends up in West London. Even so, Mourinho can go without a trophy next season without getting sacked. The fans are in awe of Mourinho for the amount of success in a small period of time he delivered in 3 years and also has a special connection with the English media to substitute any negativity around the club.

With three out of the ‘big four’ clubs changing their managers, next year will be the most tactical and interesting season in recent years. All three managers have concerns over certain players. Will David Moyes keep Wayne Rooney? Will Mourinho keep Torres? Will Pellegrini keep Tevez? Moyes and Mourinho both have support of the fans who are willing to get behind the coach, whereas at Manchester City is a different matter. Who do you think has the hardest job? Mourinho, Moyes or Pellegrini?

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  1. Bomotimi p odogu says:

    I think moyes has the hardest job

  2. Larykinkz says:

    Pellegrini has the hardest job to do becues the fans do not like him at all.

    • Patrickblue says:

      Who says the fans don’t like him. We did like Mancini. but most of us realise why he had to go. Certainly me, and all the other City fans I know who actually go to games are 100% behind him.

  3. pamshow says:

    i think pallengrini has d hardest job

  4. Uche Amc says:

    Pellegrini will have the toughest job cos he has on premeirship experience and the fans are not behind him

  5. Nicholas says:

    Moyes has the hardest job.

  6. mihas says:

    i think pellinigrini has d most dificult job, he is a new manager in the epl n no beta legacy left by mancini.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Pellegrini, n moyes has d hardest job in d epl next season, one of will get sack before may

  8. udeme aduak says:

    moyes will has the hardest job becuse he had not been win a trophy of his history so i strongly proceed that david moyes will has the hardest season.

  9. HeavyRiffs says:

    ‘Moyes and Mourinho both have support of the fans who are willing to get behind the coach, whereas at Manchester City is a different matter.’

    Total BS, the fans loved Mancini, that’s hardly a secret.
    But he’s gone now, Pellegrini is in charge and the fans are behind him, to suggest otherwise is shear folly.

    • Anonymous says:

      City fans were amazing in standing up for mancini. A premier league trophy, doesn’t get much better. Yet mancini was sacked even though fans wanted him to stay. Whereas the board listen to the fans at united and Roman got in the special one, the fans favourite. If Moyes or mourinho was to go in a few seasons after winning the league the fans would do their best to keep them, like citys fans. Whereas at city its a different manner because the board are concern for them and money put in then listening to the fans. Roman may have changed. He realized he’s lost a connection between the fans and with Jose makes everything rosy.

      • HeavyRiffs says:

        City fans wanted Mancini to get another year, the owners decided on a change.

        You’ll not find a single solitary City fan that has a bad word to say about Sheikh Mansour or Khaldoon Mubarek. The change is now made, we win always back the team, back the new manager and back the owner and chairman. If you think they don’t listen to fans, you have no idea what structures they have in place to indeed listen to the fans. Ultimately, fans do not hire or fire staff, they might have a preference, but we’ll back the owners decision.

  10. Billybo Baggins says:

    I think the author if this article may have the hardest job. Why else would he leave out important words such as “in” and not know when to use “an” instead of “a.”

    In other words, David Moyes.

  11. Moyes in trouble, if case is not takin, united wil be religated nex seasson. says:

    United wil be religated nex seasson other wise moyes in trouble

    • David says:

      2 say UTD will be relegated next season is the height of stupidity….Guy,u shuld beta watch football b4 u talk…..With all the stability UTD have,i dom’t see it happenin.U shuld have said they won’t win d league,not they will be relagated,u talk like an illiterate.

  12. Berbajidey says:

    It has to be one of Moyes or Pelligrini, look at it this way, Moyes is replacing the most successful manager in british football after having won 0 trophies for 11yrs at Eve, he has beta players and a bigger transfer kitty than he has ever had and must continue the winning culture wiv some sort of style too tho the management is willing to gv him time. The latter on the other hand has no Epl experience but at least has coached worldclass players before tho his board might not be very patient with him if he fails. To be honest David Moyes has d hardest of the three swiftly followed my Pelligrini.

  13. loyalti says:

    Well I tink its moyes. But I c him winnin d capital one cup.and morinoh will b beta at d end of d day,dis guy has got a lot of experience.he is d special 1.

  14. sunny says:

    Mourihno has the hardest job. Considering the fact that the team he left years back is not the same, man city has become dominant over chelsea and also Ferguson left a team in good conditions with a style of play not different from what Moyes played in everton. The previous season, we saw a chelsea side fought till the last day to qualify for the champions league and also finished in 6th position a year before. It will be interesting to see what Mourihno will do with the team,hope he is not fired before he begins

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