The Return of Cesc Fabregas?

cescIt is said that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, and it seems like Cesc Fabregas is starting to realise this. Speculation is growing regarding the Spaniard’s future, with a number of clubs, including former employers Arsenal, actively interested; but what are the chances of the midfielder, 26, returning to North London? While the player is understood to be considering his future this week, here is a look at if/how a move might materialise.

On The Pitch

With 13 goals and 12 assists in 47 games, it seems like Fabregas had a healthy return from this season’s outings, with the added bonus of securing the league title with Barcelona, however it is no secret that the player has grown frustrated by missing out in high profile matches for the club. In addition, his performance in the 3-0 home defeat to Bayern Munich was heavily criticised by fans and media alike.

At Arsenal, he was the conductor, the main man, and the chance to re-establish himself in that role at his former club could prove to be a huge incentive. The fact that the following season directly precedes a World Cup means he’ll be desperate to get as much high profile game time as possible.

The main interested parties are Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United and Paris Saint Germain. It is hard to see him not start in any of those teams, however the chance to work with Arsene Wenger, a man with whom he holds a close bond, could be irresistible, as could the fact that the system Arsenal play is still constructed to accommodate a player with Fabregas’ style of play.

If it gets to the stage of contact between Wenger and Fabregas, you’d imagine the Frenchman would be able to persuade the player he develop for so long to return to a club that now has the funds to build a squad that can challenge seriously.

The Contract

Arsenal’s decision to insert two specific clauses into the contract for Fabregas’ sale to Barcelona will attract great attention if the player decides to leave. Firstly, it is known that Arsenal have a first option buy-back clause, allowing the London club to re-sign the player for around £25m – an astonishingly low figure considering his talent, but perhaps one so low as a result of Barcelona’s arrogance. It seems that they were confident that the player would not want to leave for a second time; otherwise they may have negotiated a higher figure!

If Arsenal choose not to exercise the right to bid for the player and he signs elsewhere, Arsenal will receive 50% of the transfer fee, so in order to break even on the transfer, Barcelona will have to look to sell for a figure around £70m, which is unlikely to be attained from any interested parties.

If Fabregas decides he wants to join Arsenal, and Barcelona accept this, a transfer could happen very quickly. Lengthy negotiations would be bypassed and it is unlikely that Wenger would delay in trying to reunite with a player that was so pivotal for him and the club during his time at Arsenal.

…And the rest

There are a number of factors to take into account, and Fabregas’ return is nowhere near certain, but it remains a possibility. Aside from what has already been discussed, it must be noted that:

  • Barcelona may refuse any transfer request by the player.
  • Fabregas may decide to have another go next season and fight for his place at Barcelona.
  • Fellow midfield talent Thiago Alcantara may depart as a result of his lowered release clause (a result of not playing 60% of games in 2012/13), so the club would almost certainly block both leaving.
  • Arsenal have a strong interest in Lyon midfielder Clement Grenier, who plays a similar role to Fabregas. Wenger would not recruit both. When asked about Arsenal’s interest he responded “Arsenal? Maybe” – an ambiguous response.



It’s hard to make an assertive judgment on this. Once the player’s intentions are clear, one can decide either way whether this will happen. If he decides he wants to leave, it seems that the path is clear for Arsenal to make their move.

As an Arsenal fan, I’d be delighted to have him back. His passing and vision made him one of the best Premier League midfielders during his time in London, and the experience in Barcelona would’ve added to his character. A re-energised Fabregas at Arsenal alongside the likes of Wilshere, Cazorla and Arteta would be a potent threat, and inject life into the fans. I feel this story isn’t over yet…

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  1. Fantastic fab u r always welcom,tho u 1ce broke our hart,all ur trespasses r 4givn,u’l b highly accepted by all real gooners.

  2. zar zar lin says:

    Please come back to arsenal.Please don’t go Man-U

  3. Sado 1 says:

    Welcome back home Fabulous Fabre-pass

  4. Epitaph says:

    It seems that there is a high chance of Clemont Grenier moving to the gooners. It is hard to see how Cesc could be accommodated in the mid-field. Who would you drop? Wilshere? Cazorla? Arteta? Then just leave the impressive Grenier on the bench? Not forgetting Ramsay who was starting to look impressive in the central midfield. If Grenier signs, I can’t see Wenger signing Cesc.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Good to see him back at Arsenal there is alot oz competation why not Cesc

  6. Gotta Bea Gunner says:

    Whoever we have or sign if Fabregas is available we must sign him. He’s a top midfielder who makes things happen. Wenger has said before that he has played Wilshere too much, Cazorla and Arteta had spells last season where they looked jaded. This would bring quality and depth to the midfield. Plus the fee is like signing him for nothing, A TOTAL NO-BRAINER!

  7. arsenal4eva says:

    I opted for Fab4 over Grenier…bcos he is a true Gunnerz..

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