Locked and Loaded: Liverpool’s Andy Carroll Dilemma

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers and forward Andy Carroll (Image via LFC.tv)

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers and forward Andy Carroll (Image via LFC.tv)

Andy Carroll came to Liverpool football club on the back of one of the most expensive deals in English Football history. The former Newcastle striker made his presence felt at times at Anfield, but in all reality not enough to warrant a place in the first team on a regular basis.

His outstanding performance against Manchester City shortly after his arrival in 2011 and then his performance in the 2012 FA Cup final, arguably his best in a Red’s kit, were simply not able to make up for the frustration he had put the fans through.

However, despite the poor performances of his initial time with West Ham United left much to be desired and an injury layoff, Carroll finished the season strong. Under Sam Allardyce the Geordie scored six goals and providing four assists in the final 14 matches of his loan move.

Reports have confirmed according to the Telegraph and multiple other sources that Liverpool have accepted a £15 million offer from West Ham United for the player. The issue now has to be is whether or not Brendan Rodgers should give Carroll another shake before selling him, or if the Reds should take the money and run.

Carroll had moments that made it appear that he could make a difference at Anfield. The main trouble was that those moments were too few and far between.

If Liverpool take the money and run they would be washing their hands of an inherent problem in the minds of many, but the loss of £20 million after Carroll’s initial cost of £35 million would be a heavy blow.

Brendan Rodgers has called for depth at Liverpool and he could still use another striker. If you look at Manchester United they have had a corps of four strikers for a long time. If the Reds manager wants a fourth striking option, bringing Carroll back would see him be the last addition to Luis Suarez, Daniel Sturridge and Fabio Borini.

Carroll has the advantage of Borini having greatly underwhelmed at Anfield this season with injuries seeing him only manage 13 starts and one goal. A strong run-in for the on loan striker sees him look potentially salvageable if he returns. But, Borini didn’t move the Merseyside with the weight of having to replace Fernando Torres, the Liverpool version, either.

The expectations of the two upon their arrival was greatly different and perhaps Carroll was graded to harshly.  However, having £15 million to actively search for a fourth hand-picked attacker is another exciting option.

Before the end of last season in Liverpool Carroll looked to finally be building a partnership with Suarez and showed signs that when his mindset is right he can prove to be a major talent. He is still only 24-years-old, and traditionally strikers of his stature and skill set take more time to develop and grow into their game than smaller forwards.

While a £15 million offer is hard to say no to, Carroll is desperate to fight for a chance to make a name for himself at Anfield and is blocking the move for the time being. With the summer silly season on the way, there is still the possibility that more clubs will make an offer for Carroll and Liverpool will likely drag his sale out through the summer just to see if he is worthwhile to keep, or to guarantee that they get top dollar.

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  1. micheal says:

    rodgers should give carroll a second chance this is time for him to prove himself

  2. carl frederiksen says:

    jeg mener han skal ha chancen Kenny ville ikk bruge så mange penge for sjov. De kampe jeg har set med ham og det er mange er min mening han er god nok til selvde bedste klubber i verden her i blandt liverpool..

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