Liverpool Transfers: Four Players Likely to Leave Anfield This Summer

Stewart Downing of Liverpool (Flickr Commons)

Stewart Downing of Liverpool (Flickr Commons)

Liverpool had a disappointing season to say the least. Despite Brendan Rodgers leading them to a higher points total this year than last season, the club’s failure to reach European action for next season has been a major blow.

With the impending summer transfer window approaching the rumors are flying that there are already more players heading out of Anfield than there are those coming into the side.

From an underachieving winger to a yet to break through defender here are the top players that are expected to be looking for a new home this summer.


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  1. Bill says:

    Thomas Tittalker I suppose 2 out of 4 aint bad. Carroll and Downing to go Coates will now get his chance to shine, he is still young as is Shelvey. B nah C for effort.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Www liverpool

  3. LFC_Fan says:

    4 obvious choices.

    JS is just not good enough. He can’t play as DM (too loose cannon, ‘ll get sent off in alternate match), there are at least 6 U23 better AM, CM already in the roster (Coutinho, Henderson, Suso,Conor Coady, Texiera & Jack Dunn)& we are also chasing Ericksson. 4mn+ & we should cash immediately.

    Coates is a good prospect, but he is too lanky for EPL toughness. He could have been better as DM, but I do think he ‘ll be a very good CB in Spain.

    Don’t think need to justify other 2. On top of these 4, we should look to offload Skartel (brilliant CB, but a misfit), Wilson & Spearing (Just not good enough), Flanaghan (Mcloughling is far better prospect)& Assaidi.

    Downing ‘ll be best for Stoke like team & if Raina leaves for Barca, for Downing & Raina, Begovic & Tello could be perfect without additional investment. Rest players should fetch at least 35mn + 20mn from FSG, I believe we are in a much better transfer situation than most clubs, in entire world.

    • Gaz says:

      You say Jonjo Shelvey isn’t good enough and he is too much of a loose cannon. Look at Steven Gerrard when he was at a similar age, he was the same type of player. Shelvey is seen as a long term replacement for Gerrard and as he gets more experience and gets more mature, he will become a better tackler, like Gerrard did. Shelvey has a good range of passing and a pretty lethal longe range shot, plus he is versatile. Also, being that he is ready for first team action now, unlike Teixeira, Coady, Dunn and quite possibly Suso and being that Coutinho seems to be more preferred on the left of the top 3, then that position isn’t direct competition for Shelvey. He is a keeper in my eyes. Being that we don’t have any other consistent options, Downing is also a keeper and at the very least, should be kept as a squad player. The best sides have squad depth, something we don’t really have. Assaidi should be given another year, he cost 3mil and isn’t taking up too much of the wage budget and he is still only young, give him the chance to beef up a bit and give him a chance this next season. Wilson is good enough, but is just a victim of circumstance, agree Spearing isn’t good enough.

  4. sowamber evans says:

    let them go and concentrate to take eriksson.players like downing,players like downing,wilson ,spearing ,jojo S,they have not the capacity to play for the big four .Brings new class players and liverpool will play for the top 4 .And why not to win the title .fergi is not there now ,

    • Gaz says:

      Does Ashley Young belong in a top 4 team? The reason I ask this is that the season before he went to Man Utd, he was in the same side as Downing and Downing was the one that won the Aston Villa player of the season.

  5. L4 says:

    I c Nothing wrong with Downing..It’s Rodgers who is not focusing on how to use his players..He plays downing as an Inverted winger..Why? can’t play a player on his weaker crossing foot and expect to get good crosses..and yet still he tries, and wen they are good..players don’t finish his attempts..if he plays on the left, you will get some real dangerous cross from Downing..but that’s not where he is being played..He’s on the right..If Rodgers programs Downing to cut in and shoot wen he has the ball on the right wing..You will have one of the most feared and dangerous wingers in the BPL..!

  6. l dont wnt 2c jonjo go or even downing but spearin and wilson says:

    dont wnt2c jonjo leave or even downin instead he shuld loan him j to keep getin more xperincce jst like wat fegie did in cleverly afterall hes still yung and hve all it takes to be d best mfielder but spearin and wilson can go even 4 zero pouns knw problem.

  7. aa says:

    reina tello
    downing begovic
    carroll 15
    shelvey 6
    borini 8
    lucas (napoli) 15
    enrique 8
    assaidi 4
    spearing 4
    skrtel 15

    begovic downing
    tello reina
    eriksen 15
    strootman 17
    digne 10
    ilori 5
    papadopoulos 16
    diame 6
    mertens 16


  8. Livmad says:

    I don’t think the yanks and BR are really that serious to bring the glory days back to Anfield. Keeping the same set of players like Downing, Allen, Leiva, Skrtel, etc., will get LFC nowhere. Other teams had been improving. To get to top four, LFC needs to invest….Alderweireld, Wanyama, Eriksen, Mkhytaryan. YES, THESE KIND OF PLAYERS!

  9. lol says:

    u no nothing u are an idiot

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