Chelsea Transfers: Jose Mourniho to rebuild defensive midfield

Reports from the Express continue to shed light on Jose Mourinho’s plans to rebuild the heart of Chelsea’s defensive midfield. For the last several season’s John Obi Mikel has struggled to remain the dominant defensive midfielder that Michael Essien showed the world you could be a Chelsea.

Although Essien is still a player on the books for Mourinho at Chelsea, the veteran just is not up to his former abilities due to multiple injuries now looking to have shortened his career in the physically demanding environment of the English Premier League.

Mourinho’s first order of business looks to be the sale of Mikel who is rumored to be a £13 million target of Turkish club Galatasaray as they look to add steel to their midfield in anticipation of their return to the UEFA Champions League next campaign.

In return Chelsea are believed to be chasing long standing Manchester City target Daniele De Rossi of AS Roma.

De Rossi is and has been believed to be Roma through and through as he has been a stalwart for the Eternal City club for the last decade. However, with the Wolves continued struggle to regain their top three form in Italy, the sale of a veteran at the top of his career could give them some additional funding to try and rebuild more so for the future.

Manchester City have failed on numerous occasions in the last few transfer windows to secure the Italian international, but the allure of Jose Mourinho and a Chelsea club that are likely to be heavily favored to win the Premier League title could be enough to help lure the player to push Roma for a move if the offer indeed does come in.

De Rossi would be a welcomed asset to the club as he would likely work well with Frank Lampard in the midfield, and his experience with many young players over the years at Roma will continue to help him be a leader and example to the young players at Chelsea.

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  1. AYODEJI ALAO says:

    Mikel gud enough to hole chelsea fc midfield. Bt wil can stil buy D’ROSSI 2 d second choice.

    • Not a JCL says:

      What are you talking about, Mikel is SH*T!!! He isn’t big enough for Chelsea, lacks technical ability and brains…you need to be intelligent to play in this position, Mikel simply isn’t! FACT!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Pls dont make a mestake by selling mikel

    • Not a JCL says:

      What are you talking about, Mikel is SH*T!!! He isn’t big enough for Chelsea, lacks technical ability and brains…you need to be intelligent to play in this position, Mikel simply isn’t! FACT!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Pls dont make a mestake by selling mikel.joseph azi

    • Not a JCL says:

      Are you sure you know what are you talking about?? Mikel is ABSOLUTELY SH*T!!! He isn’t big enough for Chelsea, and NEVER has been. He totally lacks technical ability and brains…you need to be intelligent to play in this position, Mikel simply isn’t! Nigerians need to stop the stupid patriotism and come to terms with the fact that Mikel is useless…FACT!! UTC!!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    If selling Mikel wil make him a better player than he’s let him go.

  5. joseph Oguche says:

    Mou seems 2 b a different man now,all d playrs he intend selling ar guys tht ar really making things happen at cfc,we wish him d best anyway but d any-how sale of our playrs is really giving me serious pain. Mou I knw can make a good playr out of a crippled man 4 tht, d mention of star playrs is not downing well at all. Abeg ooooh! BLUESSSSssssss 4 LIFEEEEeeeee

  6. Iykville says:

    I knw 4 sure dat d ppl that re caryin these rumours re pure anti-chelsea. Y will mou of all coaches think of selling mike? hw mny matches obi played nd floped? think twice guys. Mikel is 1of d best in his position, d only fin he lacks is goals. I love u JMO.

  7. SHANSHY says:

    Anybody who wants 2 replace Mikel,should watch second half match b/w ManU and Chelsea FA Cup quarter final which ended 2-2 this 2012/2013 season b/f taking decision

  8. Selling mikel would amount to mistake of the highest order of d happy one. I lov chel, luv jmh says:

  9. gunjoe says:

    r u guys serious mikel obi should be sold completely. he should be somewhere else not chealsea bcos he is not gud enough. he should v been sold long tym

  10. Mikefad says:

    Pls don’t sell mikel is best for u and chelsea

  11. femi says:

    Those anti-Mikel will always loose in the end. Hear me out! The reason why luis is leaving cfc is not because luis is an excellent player but because luis lack dicipline and respect. He is careless atime. The reason why Mikel has lasted so far in cfc is just for his professionalism. He knows his job on the pitch and respect his position as the holding FOUR. He is staying and the news is just a baseless rumour. Back off Mikel you his enemies

  12. Destiny says:

    Players that came to chelsea at the same time with Mikel where are they now? And so call Mikel is not good.players like Lasana Diara,sedwel,Belleti all competed with him in that position but he remains the last man standing.He has won what even so many player did not but still he’s not good. He’s going nowhere and if he’s to go,it’s because he has won major trophies in England and Europe as well,to change enviroment and also think of his pocket.

  13. Osita ike says:

    Selling mikel will be greatest mistake ever in history of chelsea. In the holding midfield mikel’s indispensable as long as chelsea squad in concern currently.

  14. Oluwasegun says:

    It’s all Mikel’s fault. He has failed 2 develop himself ova d years. Can u compare Mikel nw to Alexander Song? Mikel is one of d reasons why Super eagles struggle nd dn’t score much goals. He doesn’t have dat drive anymore. He has bcome lazy nd has allowed his juniors ones 2 meet him nd go ahead of him.

  15. Jml1712 says:

    I am so glad that Mikel is on his way out of CFC. The only thing that he’s proved over the years as a holding midfielder is that he can accomplish short passes. But when it comes to the kind of football produced by Taya Toure or the late Patrick Viera he comes well short in performance. He was suppose to be a protege of Makelele, and he is no where near the kind of player that Makelele was for CFC and he’s had 7 years to prove he’s worth. In my opinion he is a mediocre player whose flaws have been overlooked for far too long because media spotlight was always going to be on Torres. What CFC need are players that are consistent in their game at the highest level. Unfortunately, for Mikel he’s never had that quality of consistency in his game and his performance has never improved. Finally, CFC have had the veil removed from their eyes and realise that he is not worth keeping. As far as I am concern he can easily be replaced. Well done CFC for finally waking up to reality.

  16. udeme aduak says:

    All what u guys say is true nd false mikel ve technical ability what he lost is scoring boot if chelsea decide to sell he can leave soldier go soldier come 16m we can use it to buy new player.

  17. Neil says:

    I m not against Mikel, But we must accept it sooner or later that he has been given enough chances and he hasnt proved himself as a top player. So if we are preparing ourselves for the titles and the cups glory then we must let him go. Believe me it will be good for us and better for him as he will get regular playing time in some other club.

  18. awal nemji says:

    leavin cfc z d best 4 mikel nw. If he mst stay dn he should up he’s game. He 2 slow, lack creative passes. Undetermined at tym

  19. solojay says:

    Pls jose, dn’t make the mistak by selling mikel, instead u sell essien. Mikel is the ideal guy for that position, i belt you if you sell him, you must regreat it, bring out the best in him again. Bt you can still bring D rossi.

  20. Arish says:

    Well, Mikel was Ok player but this new system just doesn’t suite him and his play is killing our game. I do’t mind Mikel staying becase he can be a handy bench player but if i had to chose between him and Romeu, it would be the latter all week long and twice on sunday! De rossi is experienced but what about paulinho? he was linked previously too.

  21. Ujong Joel says:

    Mikel is a utility player. He has always shown how a wing or position should be played. He is good at distributing passes and holding onto the midfield. Not like run-away Lius, leaving the defence porous.

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